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cindytonkin's podcast gives you transcripts and links from every episode.

Produced by Cindy Tonkin, the Consultants' Consultant 

Editing James Ede

Intro and Outro music by Keegan O'Shea, Streethawks, used with Permission

Aug 28, 2018

Aaron is a decision scientist, and head of Customer Crunch. He’s always entertaining and endlessly evolving and learning.

Aaron talks about

  • being an evangelist of decision science
  • the importance of planning in his world
  • how he now lives and breathes his values, and it means he loves working even more (in a good...

Aug 19, 2018

In this podcast, my very first recorded, you'll hear about how the best data insights are sentences, how deep learning is like making beer, and the three types of things you say no to.

Keegan O'Shea is cool and interesting. He's the epitome of a Smarter Data Person. 

If you're a data scientist, data analyst or...

Aug 19, 2018

I’m a big believer in self-improvement. I’m also an avid reader of research into management and leadership. Research is just that, though, theory (no matter how well done). What do real people do to work smarter, faster and nicer?

So on this podcast we explore the habits of leaders in the data science field to ask...