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cindytonkin's podcast gives you transcripts and links from every episode.

Produced by Cindy Tonkin, the Consultants' Consultant 

Editing James Ede

Intro and Outro music by Keegan O'Shea, Streethawks, used with Permission

Jan 30, 2019

Mohammad Elteibi leads a small team who are playing with some lovely data.

Here's his Linked in profile.

He talks about how much he likes to learn to do something that he hasn't done before

  • working with teams - need to have an outcome focus
  • analytics for the sake of analytics - there's no point
  • building on top of other...

Jan 16, 2019

Ben Morley-John is a major force in Smash Delta. Here’s his linked in profile.  

In this episode Ben and I cover:

  • how Smash Delta blends capability to make integration faster (and which capabilities they think are important)
  • the key elements for a great data scientist
  • why ego is catastrophic in this industry
  • why...