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cindytonkin's podcast gives you transcripts and links from every episode.

Produced by Cindy Tonkin, the Consultants' Consultant 

Editing James Ede

Intro and Outro music by Keegan O'Shea, Streethawks, used with Permission

Dec 12, 2018

In this episode Cindy Tonkin (that's me!) is interviewed by Helen Lawson-Williams. Helen has a lovely mind, and she asks good questions...

This time I get to answer the questions, and it's fun.

For all of the references, links, podcasts, books and fun stuff we mention, go...

Dec 6, 2018

David Scott has worked in Banking, Telecommunications and in the Public Sector. Right now his agile teams are doing some very interesting work with traffic data. The team's stated aim is to make things better for us, the end user of NSW roads.

David shares insights on how agile is building a happy, collaborative team,...