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cindytonkin's podcast gives you transcripts and links from every episode.

Produced by Cindy Tonkin, the Consultants' Consultant 

Editing James Ede

Intro and Outro music by Keegan O'Shea, Streethawks, used with Permission

Feb 12, 2019

Chris Carr has spent a long career in the analytics space in financial services. He was voted one of the top 10 leaders in Analytics by IAPA in 2018.

He speaks about:

  • the variety and interest that comes with working in a larger organisation (and being a bit of a sticky beak)
  • the “we’ve got data, let’s do...

Feb 12, 2019

Glen Bell is the former president of the Data Management Association in Sydney, Australia. He has been working in Data Management for several decades.

Glen and I met improvising together more than 15 years ago. Here are some of the things he talks about

  • Data School a new idea for educating data people so that they are...

Feb 12, 2019

Sachin Kumar’s most important value is problem-solving. He wants the work he does to add value to the business.

Here’s his linked in profile. It was a great pleasure to have him on the podcast today. 

Some of the key ideas he discusses:

  • how smart is the new sexy
  • why business acumen matters in a data analyst /...